Coating and Finishing

Coating and finishing of steel can have a major impact on its long term success.  Depending on the application, steel can be coated and finished to provide increased durability, enhanced chemical resistance and higher tarnish resistance among many other advantages. 

Coatings are best applied to a shot blasted surface to ensure maximum adherence to the surface of the metal.  Coatings take various different forms for different purposes.  Primers can be applied directly to shot blasted steel so that when a break in the coating exposes the steel, the anodic metal in the primer corrodes sacrificially in preference to the steel.  This is ideal for highly corrosive subsea applications. Further coats can be applied to build up the thickness of the coating and overall protection of the base material.

Finishing refers to preparation of the steel to be dimensionally fit for purpose or application.  In supplying steel pipe for example, threading and bevelling finishing means pipe arrives on site ready for application.  Finishing can also refer to pickling, oiling, and end capping steel products for transportation and storage before application.

Edgen Murray is equipped to provide coating and finishing service through our experienced in house service or one of our leading sub-contractor partners.

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