Cutting in the steel industry can take a number of different forms, each of which brings its own benefits.  With saw cutting, the most popular form of cutting in the steel industry, it is possible to cut various forms of plate and pipe and provide a quality finish and precise cut-to-length accuracy. 

Miter cutting is an alternative cutting method where material can be cut at an angle to be ready for welding together as joints etc.

Cutting can also be carried out to provide a particular finish to the end of steels.  Cut and/or roll grooving, as well as mechanical torch cutting both prepare the steel for being fixed to certain applications.  Both cutting services prepare steel for coupling and limit the time spent between production and application. 

Edgen Murray has a great deal of experience in the cutting and preparation of steel.  Saw services are available at most of our 35+ locations worldwide where we offer cutting of steel pipe from ½” to 27” OD.  Bevelling services are also available up to 48” diameters.

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