Drilling (Conductor Casing)

Conductor Casing is designed to provide protection to offshore drilling and production equipment. Conductor pipe is usually between 18 ⅝ – 42 inches in diameter and protects production wells from extreme conditions. Positioned in challenging drilling environments, conductor pipe is designed to maintain integrity when exerted to great external and internal pressures in low temperatures.

At Edgen Murray, we have a long history of supplying conductor pipe to a number of major offshore service providers in the North Sea, Asia Pacific, Gulf of Mexico and anywhere there are active onshore and offshore exploration or installations. We partner with our customers to understand their drilling programs and are prepared to respond with inventory on hand or on order.

Our long standing relationships with leading manufacturers across the Americas, Europe, UK, Japan and China, means we can offer multiple manufacturing options, as well as project specific manufacture, that best meet your project requirements and time schedules. We further provide support, which includes inspection and testing, quality control and full project management services.  


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