OCTG Latin America

Latin America is a fast growing onshore and offshore oil and gas market. Our specialized Latin America team, with experience working with customers throughout the region, provides in-house quotation and complete project management services to meet the OCTG needs of operators and service companies throughout the region.

Edgen Murray supplies tubing, casing, drill pipe, and accessories from multiple manufacturers and locations, also drawing from our sister company Bourland & Leverich, a leading OCTG supplier in the United States.

Our typical stock holdings include, but are not limited to, the following:


Tubing and Casing (Seamless or ERW)

Size Ranges:

  • 2–3/8” thru 20”


  • J-55, K-55, N-80, P-110
  • Q-125, L-80, T-95
  • Chrome (13Cr, Super 13Cr)




  • EUE 8rd T&C
  • STC
  • LTC
  • BTC



  • Flush and Semi-Flush


Edgen Murray can supply your drill pipe and accessory requests as needed.

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