There are various types of pipeline applications used for transmission of oil and gas between points, including:

  • Gathering Pipelines – to transport oil and gas from a current production facility to a transmission line, main line or processing facility
  • Intrastate Pipelines – large transportation lines moving oil and gas within a state
  • Interstate Pipelines – large transportation lines delivering oil and gas between states
  • Distribution Pipelines – local lines that bring gas to homes and business

Edgen Murray supplies carbon pipe- seamless, welded (ERW and DSAW), grades B-X70, and corresponding fittings and flanges required for pipeline applications.   Through our global vendor network and our on hand inventory, we are able to source pipe, valves, fittings, and flanges to meet the specs of all our customers. We also provide testing and coordination for complex delivery schedules through our value added services and project management expertise.

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