Steel is tested to confirm the material meets the characteristics required when exposed to a certain type of condition. 

Edgen Murray uses its long established relationships with fully independent test laboratories to provide all your testing requirements.  Our project management teams and document controllers work in tandem with your quality department and the laboratories to ensure all orders are processed accurately and smoothly as required.

Standard materials testing includes:

  • X-ray: weld seam, full-body UT testing
  • DWTT (Drop-weight tear test)
  • Charpy impact testing: ASTM A370/API
  • Vickers
  • Brinell
  • NACE MR0175/Rockwell
  • NACE TMO284
  • Through thickness testing (TTT)
  • Ultrasonic thickness testing (UTT)
  • Stain-aged testing

Additionally, we handle application specific testing, such as establishing the yield or tensile strength of steel at certain low temperatures.  These tests are carried out by replicating the environment where the material is intended to be used to test how the material reacts under pressure in that specific environment.

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