Integrated Project Management

Integrated Project Management (IPM) was introduced by Edgen Murray's eastern hemisphere regional teams in early 2018 as a process by which we can meet the changing needs of the markets we serve. IPM allows us to manage a high risk supply chain across multiple geographies, provide robust support during manufacturing and production.

At Edgen Murray, we understand and manage increasing rigor in relation to technical specifications by providing the following, and more:

  • Manage inspection requirements and documentation
  • Carry out additional process to our products
  • Handle increasingly complex logistic scenarios
  • Proactively manage contractual risk from our customer and supply chain
  • Provide cash flow support to projects
  • Manage multiple international entities (client and suppliers) on a single project

The IPM process means Edgen Murray has evolved from a product trader to a business that has capability to manage more complex projects. We regularly supply complex projects to all corners of the globe

Whether the project is a fabricated structure or the need need to deliver 200km of coated linepipe to the middle of the Australian outback at a specific date and time; Edgen Murray has a team of dedicated experts with technical, commercial, product, application and project management skills to support our “right first time” philosophy.

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