Case Study - Block 32: Kaombo Project

Published: 09/18/2015


Project         Block 32: Kaombo Project
Location Offshore Angola
Total Tonnage 34,475 Tonnes
Products Supplied
  • Plate
  • SAW
  • Seamless Pipe
  • Sections
  • Hollow Sections
  • Shapes and Round Bar
Services Supplied
  • Material procurement
  • Material and budget consultation
  • Testing and manufacturing inspections
  • Technical support
  • Quality control
  • Status and progress reports
  • Flexible production and delivery program
  • Logistics
  • Document management
  • Profiling service with full traceability
  • Lead time - Adapt to fast track procurement and assembly strategy for Kaombo Project with very short lead times
  • Specification - Project operator proprietary specifications difficult to meet for manufacturers and stockholders alike
  • Design – Customer required American W section size to European Grade (EN 10225 S355G11+M)
  • Experience – Customer required an experienced support team knowledgeable in working to end user specifications
Delivery Locations
  • Singapore
  • Egersund (Norway)
  • Hartlepool (UK)
  • Indonesia


The Kaombo Project is an offshore oil and gas field development approximately 260km off the coast of Angola.  Block 32, as it is also known, consists of 12 field discoveries, six of which are being developed.  These six fields are called Gengibre, Gindungo, Caril, Canela, Mostarda and Louro, and cover an area of 800 sq/km at depths ranging between 1,400 to 1,950 meters. Production plans include 59 subsea wells and 20 manifolds interconnected by approximately 300km of subsea lines.  In addition, there will be two FPSOs with oil and gas treatment, processing and storage capabilities.   Fully operational, the FPSOs will be able to treat oil at 115,000 b/d, compress gas at 100 million scf/d and store 1.7 million barrels of oil. 

To date, Edgen Murray has provided over 34,000 tons of steel products to the Kaombo project through a variety of EPC contractors across the globe.  Products supplied include Plate, SAW Pipe, Seamless Pipe, Sections, Hollow Sections, Shapes and Round Bar. 

The Kaombo project called for fast procurement and assembly of material, as well as technical compliance to a high standard of end-user specification.  Furthermore, the EPC contractors involved are positioned all over the world including Norway, France, UK, Singapore, and Indonesia.

Our Singapore Drilling Products team provided American W section size, but to European grade EN10225 S355G11+M with delivery to Indonesia.  The team leveraged Edgen Murray’s relationship with a number of mills to secure capacity and fast track production to meet the customer’s tight lead time.  Rapid procurement schedules were the norm in all facets of supply to the Kaombo project.  Around the globe, our teams in the UK, Norway, France and Singapore achieved these short lead times by supplying from a combination of Edgen Murray stock and tapping into our extensive global vendor network. 

Our material and budget consultation services, along with our project management teams worked to price and source material from either stock or direct from mills, ensuring that all material was supplied on time and to the required specifications.  We also provided options for alternative grades and sizes for items which would be non-standard to some customers.  Edgen Murray’s experience with the end users specification was very useful for engineering and fabrication customers that were less familiar with the proprietary specifications.  In this instance, our Project Management, Documentation and Quality teams were able to take the lead on schedules, documentation and technical requirements.

Edgen Murray continues to supply and advise major EPC contractors supplying to the Kaombo project.

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