Case Study - Cobre Panama

Published: 08/15/2018

Project Cobre Panama
Location Panama
Project Timeline 2016 - Present
Total Tonnage 11,000m
Products Supplied
  • Pipes
  • Bends
  • Brackets
  • Sleeves
  • PTFE
  • Spool CS
  • Spool SS
Services Supplied
  • Material Procurement
  • Logistics
  • Technical Support
Delivery Location Republic of Panama

Cobre Panama is a large open-pit copper development project in Panama, located 120 kilometers west of Panama City.

Edgen Murray’s Integrated Project Management team worked diligently to develop clear communication channels between themselves, the client and vendor to define roles and responsibilities. Tapping into our global vendor network, the materials supplied included pipe, branch pipe, bends, brackets, sleeves, PTFE, spool CS and spool SS and were all delivered on time with no quality issues reported. Additionally, Edgen Murray’s Integrated Project Management specialists provided value added services such as galvanizing, coating, brace repair and product cleaning.

Edgen Murray worked closely with CNOOD Asia Limited on this successful project. 



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