Case Study- Exotic Valves for Offshore Project

Published: 03/25/2015

Discovered, Tapped, and Ready for Production- Exotic Valves for Offshore Project

 With two platforms located in 85m of water, processing 440 millions of cubic feet per day (MMcfd )to 750 MMcfd of natural gas and 40,000 barrels per day (bpd) of condensate a day, our customer needed a valve supplier that could manage and satisfy the special requirements and rigorous demands of this particular condensate/gas-recycling project near the coast of Equatorial Guinea. 

Edgen Murray was able to provide valves and project management expertise. Edgen’s dedicated project management team oversaw the complex process; coordinating shipping releases and scheduling inspections for over 500 line items over a 24-month period.  We developed a system of custom tagging and documentation to better facilitate, manage, and maintain organization of the many valves used. 

To meet the sourcing and specialized coating demands of the project, Edgen tapped its global vendor network and teamed up with several leading valve manufacturers. We procured and delivered valves ranging in materials from aluminum bronze to exotic alloys like super duplex with Inconel - designed to withstand extreme pressure and heat, and also coordinated the stringent coating requirements for the corrosive environment.

Edgen Murray met the material demands of the project on schedule.  This project continues to produce and process at maximum levels.



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