Case Study - Pipeline to Waha Hub

Published: 12/16/2015

Project Name: Pipeline - Reeves Compressor Station to Waha Hub
Location: Pecos County, Texas USA
Project Timeline: 2015
Products Supplied: 85,000 Ft. of 20" .375" WT ERW FBE coated pipe

Considered one of Texas’s developing Natural Gas Liquids (NGL)–rich market areas, the Waha hub and gathering system serves as a crucial strategic storage and gathering location for Reeves, Pecos, Ward and Winkler counties. The Waha gathering system has a variety of market outlets including seven process plants, seven treatment plants, and a network of natural gas and NGL pipelines. This vast and complex hub requires all inbound materials to be delivered on time, meeting all of the specialized technical demands.

Our customer, a major natural gas pipeline operator in the region, needed a pipe supplier that could provide a quick turnaround for key specialty coated pipe that would carry natural gas from the Reeves compressor station to the Waha hub.      

Edgen Murray’s dedicated order management team and procurement team worked quickly to price, procure, and deliver the 85,000 feet of WT ERW pipe from the manufacturer to the coater, all under a strict delivery deadline. To meet the specialized and time sensitive coating demands, Edgen Murray leveraged its long-standing relationship with a local coater to coordinate the daily delivery of 20 truck-loads of pipe from the manufacturer to the coater to ensure a quick and timely turnaround.

Throughout the project, Edgen Murray’s order management team stayed in constant contact with the coater, to ensure they were able to expedite the pipe coating process, as well as the customer to communicate delivery timelines. Edgen’s ability to meet the stringent material and delivery demands, allowed the pipe to be delivered to the jobsite on budget and on time by the pipeline’s activation date.

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