Desalination Plants

As populations increase and certain regions face water shortages due to climate change, desalination of seawater or river water becomes a solution for potable water in some parts of the world. A desalination plant separates saline water into two streams: the fresh water stream and the brine stream which contains the remaining dissolved salts.

Desalination plants operate in corrosive environments, both in terms of environmental conditions (seawater, seawater-air, and salt-air aerosols), but also due to mechanically and chemically induced erosion generated during the desalination process. The construction of a desalination plant thus requires a wide spectrum of corrosion resistant alloys, such as SS 316L, duplex, super duplex or CuNi.

At Edgen Murray, we have more than 35 years experience supplying quality products in stainless steel, duplex, chrome moly, nickel alloy, copper nickel, and titanium, ideal for highly corrosive environments. We have the expertise and long standing manufacturing relationships to service you with the best quality materials you need. We further offer an extensive range of anti corrosion coatings and additional services such as cutting and profiling for a complete project management solution.

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