Dredging is an essential procedure that involves the excavation and removal of rock sediments, which accumulate near centralized waterways, to help keep ship channels navigable. Beach restoration is another important function of this industry. This critical process involves the use of high quality steel products that can withstand aquatic, erosive, and corrosive environments. The extreme wear and tear on materials required for dredging applications can result in short life and frequent replacement, costing valuable time and money. Abrasion resistant pipe, with a life expectancy up to 3 times greater than mild steel, offers affordable durability, potential long term savings and increased productivity for dredging applications.

Edgen Murray is a primary stocking distributor of many abrasion resistant products including carbon steel pipe (AR 230 Brinnel) and Induction Hardened (600 Brinnel) in up to 100 foot lengths. Our high volume purchasing power with domestic and international vendors makes us a comprehensive global source for competitively priced, fully certified, mill-tested steel in many shapes, grades and size ranges. Our scale of supply ranges from heavy carbon steel through induction-hardened pipe and fittings, which typically last six to eight times longer than mild steel.


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