Shale Play

Over the past few years, advances in technology have allowed for the discovery and drilling of abundant natural gas supplies within shale plays across the United States and Canada. These shale plays are often located in remote field locations, far from traditional material supply sources, which presents a challenge to operators. Operators require access to quick turn materials as wells are drilled and completed, including pipe, complementary fittings, flanges, and valves as well as hoses, tools, pumper and oil country supplies, and unions.

With complex, large-scale drilling programs, managing material requirements and delivery schedules can be a moving target for operators. Edgen Murray is an accessible and experienced partner who can provide planning insight, constant communication, and respond with flexibility, accuracy, and speed. Edgen Murray has extensive experience in project management and material procurement to support shale field supply needs. Our extensive inventory includes B, C, and X-grade seamless and welded pipe, as well as complementary fittingsflanges, and valves.


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