Oil Sands Development

Oil sands are an extremely heavy and viscous form of petroleum from a naturally occurring mixture of sand, clay, and water, technically referred to as bitumen. The largest deposits of this natural bitumen are located in Canada’s Alberta oil sands.

Unconventional oil and oil sands projects demand specialty products and professional services to help manage complex procurement processes and material management requirements. Many facilities are located in remote areas, with limited access to site construction areas. These challenges demand experience in project and materials management, where materials are segregated, marshaled, and managed according to the specific requirements of the customer, contractor, or fabricator.

Edgen Murray’s experience in the supply, marshalling, and management of materials within the unconventional oil/oil sands market has established us as a strategic supplier and a strong market leader. We specialize in procurement for large scale, large capital projects through our network of global mill relationships, and available local inventories.

These projects typically require large diameter materials, in large quantities, and high grades that are only available through a select number of global steel producers. Edgen Murray’s scale and industry knowledge, enables us to utilize mill relationships to provide these materials on time.

Our experience in supplying materials for both InSitu and Surface Mining Applications is extensive:


InSitu Drilling, where 80% of oil sands reserves are recovered, is a process in which multiple wells are drilled from a single location. As these oils are deeper within the ground, a method known as steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) is used to liquefy the bitumen that is then pumped to the surface for recovery.

SAGD and Cyclic Steam Applications require high yield and specialty carbon steel products as well as high alloy and stainless materials including duplex materials. These applications include steam lines, emulsion lines, fuel gas, lift gas, sourced water (brackish), disposal lines, and central processing facilities.


  • High yield and large diameter pipe, fittings and flanges
    • SAW, ERW and seamless
    • CSA Grades, from Grade 359 up to Grade 550
    • Quench and tempered
    • Low temperature charpy
    • High temperature tensile materials

Alloys and Stainless Materials

  • Chrome moly and stainless (duplex & super duplex)

Surface Mining

An estimated 20% of oil sands are recovered through open-pit mining where oil sand are scooped into trucks, transported to crushers, and broken down.

Surface Mining Applications include:  Extraction, Froth Treatment, Hydrotransport, Tailings and Upgrading.


  • Large diameter pipe, fittings, and flanges
    • SAW and ERW
    • API 5LB up to API X70
    • Low temperature charpy
    • Abrasion resistant

Most materials are either available from stock, or sourced through any of our supporting mills.

Edgen Murray’s value added services:

  • Marshalling, managing and logistics
    • Material segregation and project materials management
    • Shipment to multiple locations, ie: site, contractor, fabricator, right of way
    • Specialty hauling and transportation
  • Coating
    • Fusion bond epoxy, polyethylene, abrasion resistant
  •  Bending
    • Customer specific bending
  •  Double jointing
    • Local fabrication capabilities
  •  Storage
    • Customer owned inventory controls
    • Segregated materials
    • Warehousing and pipe yard capacities

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