Phosphate, an element present in all living cells, is a key component of fertilizer and is heavily mined in central Florida, the Western Sahara Desert, Morocco, and China. Abrasion-resistant and induction hardened pipe is utilized in the pumping of phosphate in slurry form from the excavation sites to the processing facilities. The phosphate ore or rock along with the attending sand is extremely abrasive and our pipe has both the physical and chemical properties to resist this erosion.

With 45 years of experience in the phosphate mining industry and comprehensive expertise with slurry applications, Edgen Murray supports a wide array of mining applications including slurry and tailings lines for precious metals, aggregates, minerals, phosphate, potash, and complex spool packages. We are an exclusive, global distributor of specialty products for abrasive, erosive, and general applications. As one of the only stocking distributors for abrasion-resistant pipe (up to 100 ft. lengths) and induction hardened pipe (up to 50 ft. lengths) in the United States, we provide additional services such as the welding of flanges, wear bands, and spool pieces to the rigorous ASME B31.3 standards. Our history and alliances with leading phosphate mining companies allows us to undertake and manage the annual supply of all field pipe (AR/IH) from strategic suppliers in order to provide materials on a just in time basis.

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