Ports, LNG Terminals and Marine Structures

Ports, LNG terminals, and other marine facility projects involve careful maintenance and engineering and a comprehensive understanding of how to work in volatile environments during unstable tidal conditions. These projects require high-strength steel and high-performance marine coatings that can withstand high design loads and constant change in harsh, marine environments. Many facilities typically evolve into larger, more complex projects requiring steel products that support existing and future infrastructure expansionary upgrades.

Edgen Murray supports industrial and commercial project requirements for LNG terminals, oil & gas import/export facilities, ports, docks and various other marine terminals. We partner with clients in the planning stages to estimate material availability, material inspection & testing, complex fabrication/coatings, and critical delivery schedules to offer “turn-key” products and sequenced material shipments (barge, truck and rail) to efficiently deliver steel, ultimately resulting in reduced costs for our customers.

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