Solar Thermal Power Plants

Solar energy is the conversion of sunlight into electricity either by directly using solar thermal panels or photovoltaic (PV) systems.

Solar thermal power plants work in a similar way to fossil fuel power plants, except that the steam is produced by collected sun heat rather than from the combustion of fossil fuels. The heat collected from the sun is used to heat a fluid and generate steam which in turn powers a generator to produce electricity. The plants therefore operate in high temperature and high pressure environments, much like conventional plants, and high quality material is needed such as duplex, chrome and stainless material for the heat exchanger and ASTM P91 and P92 grades for the turbine.

At Edgen Murray, we have 35+ years of experience in supplying high end products to traditional power plants and are able to offer quality material packages from world-class manufacturers, along with design and prefabrication services for a true "One Stop Service" solution that meets and exceeds your requirements.

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