The energy and infrastructure sectors are subject to rigorous health, safety, and environmental protocols. Our customers must be confident that the materials they use are fully certified, traceable, and meet applicable quality specifications. We trace heat and serial numbers to MTRs for the customers’ products as appropriate. We are committed to quality, safety, and environmental management systems. Many of our locations are certified to the international standard, ISO 9001:2015.


Edgen Murray is working for the future of our industry and environment. We feel a deep commitment to creating a culture that emphasizes ethical business solutions, social awareness, and environment focus. With the support of our parent company Sumitomo Corporation of Americas, Edgen has embarked on a three-phase approach to solve the industry challenge of hydrogen transportation.

The three stage of research to address the transportation includes data assessment, small scale, and large-scale testing using full-scale equipment to evaluate pipe samples in various H2 conditions. These phases will occur over a three-year period between all parties involved. Experts, engineers, and innovators will critically assess all data before the proposed solution is released to the public.